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The Five Basic Themes of Geography
1) Location: A position on the earth's surface.
Absolute location: The location of a point on the Earth's surface that
can be expressed by a grid reference such as latitude and longitude.
Relative location: refers to the position of a place as compared to
other places (north and east of a place, for example).
eg White Rock is located approximately 40 km southeast of downtown
2) Nature of Place: The physical and human characteristics
that make a place unique. To help you determine these
characteristics look at a place through:
The Five Lenses of Geography (PEEPS)
Social / Cultural
3) Human-Environment Interaction: The way humans
depend upon, adapt to, and modify the environment.
4) Movement: The varied patterns in the movement of life
forms, ideas, and materials.
5) Regions: Basic units of study that define an area with
certain human and / or physical characteristics.
i.e. climatic regions, vegetation regions, life expectancy
regions, economic regions, etc.