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Match each type of energy with and example. Write the correct letter on the line beside the type of energy.
Kinetic energy __________
Radiant energy __________
Nuclear energy __________
Thermal energy __________
Potential energy __________
Chemical energy __________
Electrical energy __________
energy stored in a bicycle at the top of a hill
the heat released by a steaming bag of popcorn
the bonds between the protons of a silver atom
the bonds between the atoms of a match
energy used to power a computer
the motion of a skateboard
the light of a candle
8. What is energy?
9. How can you tell when something has energy?
Fill in the following table with what kind of energy each example contains.
10. a flying bird
11. a burning candle
12. a battery
13. a hamburger
14. a book on a shelf
15. a green plant
16. a beam of sunlight
17. a piece of radioactive metal
18. a cup of hot cocoa
19. _______________________ energy is the energy of motion.
20. A balloon floating in the air has more _____________________ energy than a boulder at the top of a cliff.
21. When you pick up a book, you are ________________________ energy from your hands to the book.
22. The faster an object moves, the _________________________ its kinetic energy.
23. _______________________ is energy stored due to an object’s position.
24. A bowling ball sitting on a shelf has __________________ potential energy than a basketball on the same
25. A sock lying on a dresser has ______________________ potential energy than a skateboard on the floor.
26. In every energy transformation, some ____________________ is released.
27. When you climb a rope, you change _____________________energy into __________________energy.
28. Energy can never be created nor destroyed, just ___________________ or ______________________.
29. As temperature increases, ____________________ energy increases.
30. Fireworks change _____________________ into ____________________ and ________________ energy.
31. When a pendulum swings, if it is not continuously pushed, it will eventually stop because some of its energy is
changed into ______________________ energy.
32. In the muscle cells in your body, ____________________ energy is changed into _________________ energy.
33. Trace the energy transformations from a hamburger you eat to riding your bike.
34. Trace the energy transformations from a radio signal to the music you hear.
Give an example where the following energy changes would take place:
● Electrical to Thermal
● Chemical to Thermal
● Electrical to Mechanical
Write a paragraph explaining the Law of Conservation of Energy in your own words. Describe a real world
example to support your definition.