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6.3 Life Substances
Directions: For each sentence fill in the following word: Carbon characteristic,
Carbohydrate, Lipid, Protein, Nucleic Acid
An example of this molecule is the enzyme
2. Glycerol is a subunit of it
3. 4 valence electrons
4. Has an amino group
5. Genetic information storage site
6. Forms major components of cell membranes
7. Condensation reaction
8. Sucrose
9. contains a 5 carbon sugar
10. Nonpolar molecule
11. CrzHz+Orz
It has 20 common building
13. Can form double and triple bonds
14. Ratio of > 2:1 ratio of Hydrogen: Carbon atoms
15. Functions to Provide immunitY
16. CszHrroOo
17. Forms a PePtide bond
18. Contains fatty acid side chains
19. Forms branched chains as well as rings
20. Able to bond to itself
21. Storage of food in animals
22. Functions as insulation
23. RNA/Ribonucleic Acid
24. Determines what organism will look like
25. Speeds up the digestion of food