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Benefits Overview
Define Eligible Employees
 Full-time, part-time, or limited term employees
scheduled at least 40 regular hours
Eligible Dependents, if any
 Legal spouse or qualified domestic partner
 Natural, legally adopted, step-child or child of
a qualified domestic partner
under age 19; or,
under age 25 if full-time student
Coverage Options
 Employee Only (EE)
 Employee plus Spouse (EE+S)
 Employee plus Child (EE+C)
 Employee plus Family (EE+F)
There are a variety different coverage
options for medical, dental and vision
Enrollment Opportunities
You may enroll for benefits within the first 60 days
of your employment in a benefit-eligible status.
Changes to existing benefits may be made during
the open enrollment period with the following
Qualified change in family status
Submit your enrollment form prior to the end of the current
month to have your benefits in effect from the 1st of the
following month.
Typical Qualified Change in Family Status
 Marriage or divorce
 Legal separation
 Death of a dependent
 Birth or adoption of a child
 Change in your eligibility status
 Termination, commencement or significant change
of spouse's benefit status/coverage
 Taking a leave of absence
Typical Duration of Choices
 Medical - 1 year (may make changes during
every open enrollment)
 Dental/Vision - 2 years (may make changes every
other open enrollment period, effective odd
numbered years only)
Health Insurance Optional Rebates
 Benefits eligible (FT/PT)
 Chosen in lieu of coverage
 Rebates:
Medical $520
Dental $104
Vision $ 26
Per Year
 Considered taxable income
Per Pay Period
Medical Insurance
Primary Care Physician directs care
Can choose how you utilize the services
 Offers greater flexibility
Primary Care Physician (HMO and POS)
Must designate PCP or provider will assign
 Can change PCP by contacting provider
Dental Insurance: Typical Levels
High level of care
 Does not offer orthodontic services
High level of care
 Orthodontic services partially covered
Other options
Dental HMO - must select a dentist
Vision Insurance
Vision Service Plan
High level of service
 Most doctors participate in VSP
 Covers annual exams, lenses, frames, or contact
Employee Life Insurance
 Basic coverage: Limit, sometimes tied to annual
 Supplemental: typically purchased in $10,000
 Maximum supplemental
 Total life insurance
 Must complete Evidence of Insurability form for
any total amount over $100,000
Dependent Life Insurance
 Spousal Life =half the amount of employee
 Child Life = $10,000 per child
Long-Term Disability (LTD)
 Basic (all employees automatically):
60% of pay option
 $1,000 max benefit per month
 Five year limit on benefits
 Supplemental:
60% of pay option
 $5,000 max benefit per month
 Benefits stop at age 65
Flexible Spending Accounts
 Health Care FSA - contribute up to $2,000 per
calendar year
 Dependent Care FSA - contribute up to $5,000 per
calendar year
 Any unused funds are forfeited
How an FSA works
 The accounts work like this:
 When you enroll, you choose how much to contribute to the
accounts, up to the maximum allowed for the year
 Your contribution is deducted from your pay before federal and
Social Security taxes are calculated. This reduces your taxable
income and, therefore, the amount of your income tax for the year.
In some cases state income taxes are withheld.
 When you incur an eligible expense, you file a claim with the
 You're then reimbursed for eligible expenses according to the rules
of the plan. You don't pay taxes on the payments you receive from
the account.
Tax Deferred Annuity 403(b)
 All contributions made pre-tax
 Annual Contribution limit $13,000
 Catch up contributions for those over 50
$3,000 in 2004
 Contributions eligible for company match
Determine amount and vesting period
Paid Time Off (PTO)
 Used for any time off - vacation, company holidays,
sick days, etc.
 Accrue PTO hours with every pay period
 PTO accruals increase with your length of service
 Schedule your time off in advance whenever possible
 Always follow department procedures for reporting
any missed time
PTO Accrual Rates
Years Hours
Service Pay
Hours of
Leaves of Absence
 Jury Duty - 60 days
 Bereavement - 3 days immediate family, 1 day for
 Medical - 6 months
 Military - 5 years
 Domestic Violence - in conjunction with FMLA,
 Personal - 4 weeks minimum, unpaid
Medical Leave of Absence
 Alert your supervisor and HR as far in advance as
possible and complete forms
 Medical LOA works with Family Medical Leave Act
(FMLA) and
 Apply for pay Disability Insurance
 Upon returning to work, must provide a doctor’s
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
 Designates 12 weeks per year of “job protection” if
you take time off due to your own serious health
condition or if you must care for a family member
with a serious health condition
 Submit medical certification
 Time off can be in a block of time or intermittently for
an on-going condition
Short-Term Disability (STD)
 Eligible after 1 year of benefit-eligible employment
 Requires medical certification
 Provides salary continuation for up to 180 days
 Supplements income from SDI or Workers’
Compensation to bring you to 80% of your normal
 PTO can be incorporated to bring you to 100% of
Retirement Plan
 Plan entry upon date of hire
 100% vested after 3 years
 Completely paid
 Contributions made based on annual salary
Tuition Reimbursement
 Provides financial assistance to encourage
continuing education and and training in areas for
career development
 The plan pays 100% of tuition, fees, and books up
to $2,000 per calendar year
 Apply using a Tuition Reimbursement form
Training and Seminars
 One-day seminars or other training not covered
under the Tuition Reimbursement Program may be
paid for based on recommendations from your
 Ask your manager for details
Employee Assistance Program
 Confidential counseling service to help you and
your dependents deal effectively with a broad
range of issues
 Plan covers 5 employee visits and 5 dependent
visits per calendar year
Service and Longevity Awards
 Service awards honor employees with
5,10,15,20,25,30,35 and 40 years of service
 Longevity award is a cash “bonus” given every
year beginning with the 5 year milestone
 Contribute a percentage of income to savings
account used for paying future college expenses
 May designated any beneficiary
Dependent, relative, friend, self
 Distributions are free from federal income tax
Adoption Assistance
 Provides reimbursement for fees and expenses
associated with most adoptions up to $3,000,
payable after adoption is final
 Opportunity for salary continuation for time spent
away from work during the adoption process, up to
4 weeks and 80% of pay
Employee Referral Program
 Awards employees who refer a candidate for a
“Hot Job” who is hired into the position
 Awards payable in installments after candidate’s
date of hire
 Over 25 successful hires through ERP last year