Download Advanced 12 Lead EKG Lecture Worksheet #8

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Advanced 12 Lead EKG Lecture Worksheet #8
Multiple Choice
1. What are the two most common sites for AV block arrhythmias:
a. AV node and bundle branches
b. Atria and Purkinje fibers
c. Bundle of His and bundle branches
d. Bundle of His and Purkinje fibers
2. Patients who experience a(n) ________ myocardial infarction have a greater incidence
of congestive heart failure and cardiogenic shock than those who have MIs affecting
other areas of the left ventricle.
a. Lateral wall
c. Inferior wall
b. Septal
d. Anterior wall
3. Patients experiencing _______infarctions are most likely to develop bundle branch
a. Inferior and lateral
c. Septal and anteroseptal
b. Anterior and posterior
d. Inferior and septal
4. Which lead is probably the best to use when differentiating between right and left
bundle branch block?
a. aVR
c. V4
b. V1
d. II
5. Whenever the two criteria for bundle branch block have been met, and lead V1 displays
an rSR’ pattern, you should suspect:
6. A QRS measuring <0.12 seconds is called an ___________ right or left bundle branch
block if it has a rSR’ or QS pattern in V1.
a. Complete
b. Incomplete
Advanced 12 Lead EKG Lecture Worksheet #8
7. The last portion of the QRS complex is also known as the ____________ _________ of
the QRS complex.
a. Terminal force
c. Greater force
b. End force
d. Death force
8. A left bundle branch block produces a ______ pattern with a wide QRS duration in V1.
a. rS
c. RS
b. QS
d. big Q
9. In the setting of myocardial infarction, a new onset of bundle branch block carries an
_____________ mortality rate.
a. Decreased
b. Increased
10. A delay or block that occurs in one of the bundle branches affects ventricular
a. Repolarization
c. Depolarization
b. Automaticty
d. Contraction