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Collaborative to Prevent Central Line Associated Bacteraemia
National Collaborative to Prevent
Team members:
Organisational “Buy –In”
Briefly describe how you got organisational buy in, how did you get
Clinicians, executives, Managers on board?
What Changes have you tested?
Change Tested
Most Successful PDSA Cycle?
Measures Summary
Provide measures and graphics for the following from Jan to May 2012
(may require more than one slide)
Rate of CLAB per 1,000 line days
Percentage compliance to Insertion Bundle
Percentage compliance to Maintenance Bundle
No of days between CLAB
(Each DHBs can go as far back as they believe they are able to do a
retrospective accurate process analysis aligning with the CDC
Highlights and Lowlights
Do you have an insertion bundle check list?
Are you able to measure your rate of compliance?
Is there variation in your process?
Are you able to measure the variation?
Spread Planning
– Do you expect to spread the work of your Collaborative teams to
the rest of your organisation?
– What is the timetable for this?
– What (or who) are the appropriate "units" for adopting changes
from your change package? (Who will make the decision to
begin using the new ideas in their practice? Some examples of
potential “units” include doctors, surgeons, emergency
departments, hospitals, nursing units in a hospital, clinics,
laboratories, or pharmacists.)
– How many total units do you intend to spread to? This could be
all eligible units or some defined subset of them.
– How will you select these initial units?