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Adobe Web Tech Graphics Basics
Adobe Web Tech Introduction to Color
Adobe Web Tech Digital Camera Basics
Adobe Web Tech Scanner Basics
1. Bitmap images, also referred to as raster images, are made up of what? Pixels
2. Photoshop is used for raster images and Illustrator is used for what type of images? Vector
3. What is unique about Vector images when increasing the size? No pixels / mathematic equation / will not distort
4. What does a higher bit rate do to the overall quality of an image and file size? Increases it
5. Is a GIF image lossy or lossless? Lossless
6. Is a JPEG image lossy or lossless? Lossy
7. *What does Lossy mean? Loses data when compressed
8. How many colors are contained in a GIF image? 256
9. What format is used for saving images that are “photo realistic” GIF or JPEG? Why? JPEG more colors
10. How many colors are available for JPEGs? Over 16.7 million
11. The standard screen on a computer and TV can show how many DPI or PPI? 72
12. *A Mac screen can show how many DPI? 96
13. The standard resolution of a laptop monitor is 800X600 (best for building websites) or 1024X768, what are the
two resolutions for a TV (one is letterbox)? 640X480 and 720X480
14. What does DPI stand for? Dots Per Inch
15. What does PPI stand for? Pixels Per Inch
16. Good print resolution is how many Dots per Inch? 300
17. Great print resolution is how many Pixels per Inch? 600
18. CMYK color is used for what? Printing
19. What does CMYK stand for? Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
20. RGB color is displayed where? Screen
21. What does RGB stand for? Red, Green and Blue
22. Can you make a low res. picture image better by increasing the DPI? No
23. What is unique about PNG files (I frequently use them in Flash because of this)? Maintain transparency
24. What software will we use that uses PNG files as its native format? Fireworks
25. *What file format is native to Photoshop? PSD
26. Why should we optimize images in Photoshop or Fireworks? Decrease file size
27. What graphic uses indexed colors (hint 256 colors)? GIF
28. When using a digital or DV camera what zoom should you use? Why? Optical zoom