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Send Your Family to the Future
Have you ever dreamt of transporting your whole family to the future in a Tardis? New Art Exchange
(NAE), Nottingham, will be making this possible on 26 October when they take part in the first
national Family Arts Festival with a day of Sci-Fi themed activities as part of their Festival 3013.
On a day designed to get families to step away from the everyday and explore a parallel universe,
families will have the opportunity to dress as their favourite Sci- Fi character, have their photograph
taken in a fantastic futuristic setting, create a gigantic futuristic beast, enjoy sci-fi themed culinary
treats and celebrate the 50th anniversary BBC production of Dr Who by going on a journey with the
legendary time travelling hero.
Exhibitions & Programmes Co-ordinator Roshni Belakavadi said the futuristic festival not only ties in
the national festival, but also connects to NAE’s main gallery exhibition.
“Drawing on the theme of the our main gallery exhibition Not Necessarily in the Right Order by the
artists collective Common Culture, the family arts festival at NAE invites audiences to a festival of the
imagined future refereeing to popular notions of sci-fi characters, time travel often associated with
the ‘Future,” she said.
The festival is part of a two year Family Arts Campaign funded by the Arts Council aimed at
developing a range of arts events and activities for families. These activities are also pulled together
on the one website ( ) by the national Family Arts Network to provide
families with one place where families can find local and national family events - a major strength of
the network according to Artistic Director of Yard and Youth Engagement Officer at NAE, Sooree
“As we build the network, we are able to offer more comprehensive information, not only about our
own events and activities, but those of other organisations in the area. This can only make it easier
for parents and young people to engage with the arts,” she said.
For more information about NAE’s Family Arts Festival call NAE on 01159248630or book online at:
Event details:
When: 11am – 5pm, 26 October
Where: New Art Exchange, 39-41 Gregory Boulevard Nottingham NG7 6BE
To book: Call NAE on 01159248630 or book online at:
Highlights from the day include:
11am - 1pm
Your Portrait: circa 3013
Come dressed as your favourite Sci- Fi character and have your photograph taken in a fantastic
futuristic setting. Of course as you travel to the future in the Tardis you won't age at all!
2pm - 4pm
Dr Who
Celebrating the 50th year of BBC production of Dr Who, NAE presents adventures across time and
space with
the legendary time travelling hero.
11am - 3pm
Drop in Workshop
Come and help create a gigantic futuristic beast in our workshop with an explosion of materials and
colours of all shapes and sizes! We will make it move, then take our magnificent creature for a walk
through the streets of Hyson Green.
For more information, or to organise interviews please contact Communications and Marketing
Manager, Emma O’Neill, on [email protected] or 01159248630
Editors Notes –
Image credit – Bartosz Kali
New Art Exchange
- New Art Exchange is a contemporary art gallery committed to stimulating new perspectives on the
value of diversity within art and society. A RIBA award winning building, New Art Exchange is the
largest space in the UK outside of London dedicated to culturally diverse contemporary visual arts,
and is rooted in the community with a strong history of working with minority communities.
NAE presents major international exhibitions, launching the British Art Show in 2010, and every
season presents work from the highest quality, world-renowned artists. NAE partners locally,
nationally and internationally, connecting audiences and artists from all over the world with new
and innovative collaborations and opportunities.
NAE’s mission is to raise the impact, profile and development of culturally diverse contemporary
visual arts and artists in a global context by:
Nurturing and promoting creative talent locally and world-wide
Creating thriving creative businesses
Engaging minority ethnic communities as audiences and patrons of art