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_____ 1. Where do 90% of people in Egypt live?
A. On the coast, near the Mediterranean Sea
B. In the Sahara Desert
C. Along the Nile River
D. None of the above
_____ 2. Eastern Mediterranean countries, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, belong to an
area known as ____________________________.
A. Mesopotamia
B. Arabian Peninsula
C. Anatolian
D. Levant
3. What gulf serves the international shipping needs of oil producing countries on the Arabian
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
_____ 4. Which canal allows for the transpiration of goods between Asia & Europe?
A. Gibraltar
B. Suez
C. Panama
D. Grand
_____ 5. What modern day country is where Mesopotamia was once located?
A. Iraq
B. SaudiArabia
C. Iran
D. Afghanistan
6. The Anatolian Peninsula connects which two continents?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
7. What river is the most important river in Syria?
Answer: ___________________________________________________________
_____ 8. ___________________________ climate is found on the coastal regions of Eastern
Mediterranean countries and ______________________ climate is found as one moves inland.
Arid (Dry) & Mediterranean
Arid & Tropical
Mediterranean & Arid (Dry)
Mediterranean &Tropical
_____ 9. Which of the following is known as the “world’s largest inland sea”?
A. Black
B. Red
C. Mediterranean
D. Arabian
E. Caspian
_____ 10. In Eastern Mediterranean countries, which of the falling have caused environmental
damage to the Mediterranean Sea?
A. Overfishing
B. Contamination
C. A rise in seas surface temperatures
D. Introduction of invasive specifies
E. All of the above
_____ 11. Which of the following best defines Desertification?
A. Process in which arable land becomes desert
B. Process of cutting down trees
C. Process in which desert becomes arable land
D. Process of planting trees
_____ 12. The Aswan Dam was built to prevent flooding from the Euphrates River.
A. True
B. False
13. What has draining marshes in Southern Iraq done?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
14. What is ONE thing that is threatening the health of the Caspian Sea?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
_____ 15. On the Arabian Peninsula, desalination is being used to address some water issues.
A. True
_____ 16. Which of the following are two of the main sources of export income in Central Asia?
A. Minerals and Oil
B. Oil and Natural Gas
C. Cotton and Diamonds
D. None of the above
_____ 16. On the Arabian Peninsula, desalination is being used to address some water issues.
A. True
B. False
_____ 16. In North African countries, the demand for water increased because _______________
A. Laws and regulations
B. Trade
C. Population
D. Spending
_____ 17. The two main religions practiced in the Eastern Mediterranean are ________ &
A. Judaism and Islam
B. Christianity and Islam
C. Hinduism and Buddhism
D. Christianity and Sheikism
_____ 18. What are the two biggest exports in North Africa?
A. Oil and Grain
B. Oil and Natural Gas
C. Cereal and Grain
D. Natural Gas and Minerals
_____ 19. Which of the following resources produced great wealth for Saudi Arabia?
A. Wheat
B. Diamonds
C. Oil
D. Gold
_____ 20. The Berbers are best defined as…
A. A group of young men
B. A group of nomadic farmers
C. A group of nomadic miners
D. A group of businessmen
21. What type of government is most common in the Arabian Peninsula?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
_____ 22. Which of the following is NOT a major ethnic group in the Northeast region?
A. Turks
B. Irianans
C. Syrians
D. Arabs
23. In Central Asia, what two countries populations are shrinking due to low birth rates?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
_____ 24. Countries that have not shifted to Market economy, in Central Asia, have total government
A. True
B. False
25. What is a culture hearth?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
_____ 26. In the Eastern Mediterranean region, what is economic growth dependent on?
A. Industry
B. Agriculture
C. Manufacturing
D. Oil Production
27. On the Arabian Peninsula, what happened after Muhammad's death?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
_____ 28. What is the most common language spoken in Iraq?
A. Shari’ah
B. Farsi
C. English
D. Arabic
_____ 29. The _______________ is an ethnic group that has lived in the Northeast for thousands
of years but are still a stateless nation.
A. Turks
B. Kurds
C. Persians
D. Iranians
30. Where do most of the population on the Arabian Peninsula live?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
31. Define Nationalism….
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
_____ 32. Because of tectonic activity that created its mountainous terrain, much of Central Asia is
prone to frequent _______.
A. Monsoons
B. Earthquakes
C. Tsunamis
D. Drought
33. In 1947, what country did Jewish people decide to divide?
Answer: ____________________________________________________________
Match the following terms to the correct description / definition.
G. Ramadan
H. Mosque
I. Hijra
_____ 34. Islamic Holy City
_____ 35. The last prophet of Islam
_____ 36. Islamic Holy Book
_____ 37. Language the Quran is written in
_____ 38. Islamic God
_____ 39. Muslim migration from Mecca to Yathrib
_____ 40. Islamic Holy Month
_____ 41. A place of worship
_____ 42. A person who follows the Islamic region
Countries (Political Map - Label the following)
_____ 43. Morocco
_____ 44. Egypt
_____ 45. Saudi Arabia
_____ 46. Iraq
_____ 47. Afghanistan
_____ 48. Turkey
_____ 49. Syria
_____ 50. Libya
_____ 51. Algeria
_____ 52. Iran
_____ 53. Pakistan
Physical Map (Label the following)
_____ 54. Nile River
_____ 55. Strait of Gibraltar
_____ 56. Arabian Sea
_____ 57. Caspian Sea
_____ 58. Atlas Mountains
_____ 59. Sahara Desert
_____ 60. Persian Gulf
_____ 61. Euphrates River
_____ 62. Suez Canal
_____ 63. Black Sea
_____ 64. Red Sea