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What happens when white phosphorous is heated with concentrated NaOH solution?
Refer 7.1 (j) 1.
How is phosphine prepared?
Refer 7.1 (k) 1.
What are the uses of PCl3 and PCl5?
PCl3 : It is used for chlorinating organic compound.
PCl5 : It is used in synthesis of some organic compounds.
Eg. C2H5Cl, CH3COCl. It is also used as a chorinating agent.
What happens when PCl5 is heated?
It sublimes. PCl 5 ⎯⎯
→ PCl 3 + Cl 2
Name and draw the structures of different oxyacids of phosphorous.
Refer 7.1 - l (1 to 7).
What is the oxidation state of phosphorous in H4P2O6 and H4P2O7?
Oxidation state of phosphorous in H4P2O6 is + 4 H4P2O7 is + 5
Ammonia is highly soluble in water. Explain.
(a) Nitrogen is highly electronegative element.
(b) Hence, N–H bond in NH3 is polor.
(c) NH3 is therefore, capable of forming hydrogen bonding with itself as well as with
water molecules.
(e) Therefore, NH3 is highly soluble in water.
Multiple Choice Questions :
Theoretical MCQs :
PCl5 exists but NCl5 does not due to .......
b) NCl5 is unstable
a) Inertness of N2
c) Larger size of N
d) Non availability of vacant d-atomic orbitals
The p–p–p angle in white phosphorous is .......
a) 120º
b) 109º28
c) 90º
d) 60º
Chapter - 7 p – Block Elements