Download Math The surface areas of similar prisms are 144 cm2 and 324 cm2

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The surface areas of similar prisms are 144 cm2 and 324 cm2. The volume of the
smaller prism is 720 cm3. Find the volume of the larger prism.
Ann is an owner of an ice cream shop. She needs to increase the price of cones to
meet expenses. Ann gradually increases the price by $.10 and notices the effect of
daily sales, as shown below.
a. Ann continues to raise the price by $.10, and the number of cones sold per day
continues to decrease at the same rate. Complete the table provided below. Sales
income is found by multiplying the price per cone and the number sold.
Price per Cone
Number of Cones
Sales Income
sold per day
b. The ingredients of each cone cost $.80. Ann’s profit is the difference between the
sale income and the cost of ingredients. Does the price that maximizes Ann’s sales
income also maximize Ann’s profit? Show your work or explain how you found
your answer.