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• Death of a Pharaoh.
• 100 days.
• Royal officials prepare
the body.
• Wrap in strips of Linen.
• Placed in Gold coffin
decorated for the king.
• Afterlife:
– Life after death.
• Prayers were said
during the funeral.
• Help his soul into the
• Coffin was placed in
the Tomb to lay at rest.
• Began journey to the
Egyptian Gods
and Goddesses
• Regional Differences:
 Towns had their own
Gods with Temples.
 Humans with Animal
 All worshipped certain
Ex. Sun God: Re
 Over time the Egyptians
came to believe in several
groups of Gods.
Important Gods:
Chief God:
Amon- Re
Protected the rich and
the poor.
Born each morning with
the Sunrise in the East.
Died each night with the
Sunset in the West.
Desert in the West
Home of the Dead.
Important Gods:
God of the Living and
the Dead.
Goddess Isis:
His Wife.
 Great Mother who
protected her Children.
 Horus:
Sky God.
Their Son.
Checking for Understanding
• Who was
• Osiris was
the God of
the Living
and the
Journey to the Afterlife..
 Would travel to the afterlife
in Heaven Boats.
 If they pleased the Gods
during their life would:
 Join Osiris to live a life of
ease and pleasure.
 Eat, Drink and Hang with
Friends and Family.
 Were buried with food,
clothing and other
important items for their
Preparing the Dead..
 Mummy:
 The preserved body.
 4th Dynasty began to practice
 Expensive.
 Took 2-3 months.
 The process of mummification has
two stages.
 First, the embalming of the
 2nd The wrapping and burial of
the body.
 Amulet:
 A small trinket or charm that
was meant to protect the
owner from evil spells or
The Funeral ..
The funeral is
held for the
deceased and
his family
mourns his
 A ritual called the 'Opening of the
Mouth' is performed, allowing the
deceased to eat and drink again.
 Finally, the body and its coffins are
placed inside a large stone
sarcophagus in the tomb.
 Furniture, clothing, valuable objects,
food and drink are arranged in the
tomb for the deceased.
 Now his body is ready for its journey
through the underworld.
 There his heart will be judged by his
good deeds on earth. If his heart is
found to be pure he will be sent to
live for all eternity in the beautiful
'Field of Reeds'.
Checking for Understanding
• They believed
• Why did
that people
needed their
Egyptians bury
possessions in
their dead with
order to survive in
food and other
the afterlife.
The Pharaohs’ Tomb
 The Pyramids:
Huge buildings with four
sloping triangle-shaped
 4th Dynasty Pharaohs built
these famous tombs. (Old
 Great Pyramid:(largest)
Was built in the ancient
city of Giza.
Built for Pharaoh Khufu.
2nd king of 4th dynasty.
The Building Process
 2 million stones.
 Each stone weighed 5,000
 20-30 years to build.
 Built on the West side of the Nile
River: The land of the Dead.
 Each side faced main points of
the compass.
 North.
 South
 East
 West.
Checking for Understanding
• Why did the
build the
• The Pyramids
were built to
serve as tombs
for the Egyptian