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Identifying Given and Conversion factors
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Date ________________________________ period _______
Write the following fact:
______ km = ______ m
______cm = ______m
______ mm = ______m
______ µm = ______m
______ kg = ______ g
______m = ______cm
______ µg = ______g
______ g = ______mg
______ µL = ______L
______ L = ______ kL
______L = ______mL
______ L = ______cL
FOR WATER: ______ g = ______ mL = ______ cm3
Circle the given in each of the following. Highlight the conversion factors.
If the conversion factor is assumed, write it to the right of the problem.
If the problem does not have a conversion factor, write NO CF.
The density of a sample is 8.7 g/mL. What is the volume of a 567 gram sample?
What is the mass of 300 mL sample of a substance that has the density of 3.4 grams/mL?
A 1.00-L sample of carbon tetrachloride has a mass of 1.58 kg. What is the density of this substance in g/cm3?
What is the volume of a 35 gram sample that has the density of 1.3 g/mL?
The density of a substance is 9.0 grams/mL. How many grams is does 92 mL of this substance mass?
Concentrated hydrochloric acid has a density of 1.19 g/mL. What is the mass, in grams, of 2.00 liters of this acid?
Calculate the density of a liquid that has a mass of 14.0 g and a volume of 18.0 cm3.
What is the mass of 650 mL of WATER?
Convert 67 cm into meters.
Convert 750 mL into Liters.
How many grams are in 2.3 kilograms?
A scientist has 0.46 L of a solution. How would she convert this volume to centiliters?
Set up all of the above using Cross bars.
Make sure there are units in set-up and answer. Solve. Circle answers with its units.