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Product Description
Chemical Name
: Magnesium sulphate Hepta Hydrate
Molecular formula
: MgSO4.7H2O
: 10034-99-8
: MgSO4.7H2O 99.5% - Mg 9.8 %
Application rate (after application water in thoroughly)
Magnesium deficiency is common problem with palms, trees, shrubs,
and many other plants. Symptoms in most plants first appear in old
leaves as yellowing in between leafs veins while the new foliage remain
greens. Mots plants respond well to the addition of magnesium sulphate
and will return to dark green colour after application.
Palm trees
: 2.5 kg /tree, 2-4 times per year
Shrubs and vegetable
: 30 gram / 1 sq. meter, 2-4 times per year
Turf and field crops
: 1 kg/ 30 sq. meter, 2-4 times per year