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Famous Greek Identity Box
Ancient Greek culture produced great philosophers, artists, scientists
and politicians. Greek mythology also tells the tales of heroic figures
and terrible monsters. Your challenge will be to explore the life of
one of these real or fictional people.
Your task will be to research his/her life using the textbook,
encyclopedia, library books and quality Internet sources (no
Next you must choose 10 items that best represent this person. The
objects could represent his/her struggles, achievements, career,
family, education, skills, etc…
You will place all of these items in box along with a label which
includes a five sentences summary of why this object represents an
important aspect of this person’s life.
Be sure to decorate the box with your person’s name and related
drawings, pictures or images.
You will present five of the objects to the class focusing on explaining
the significance of each object. Be sure your presentation includes an
introduction and conclusion.
You must also include a list of at least three references or sources of
your information (follow Maroon and Write).
Historical Figures
1. Pericles (Athenian general during the Peloponnesian War)
2. Homer (Greek poet)
3. Hipparchus (Greek astronomer)
4. Archimedes (Greek mathematician)
5. Alcibiades (Athenian general during Peloponnesian War)
Fictional/Mythological Characters
1. Odysseus (King of Ithaca)
2. Jason and the Argonauts
3. Greek Monsters
4. The Fates (three goddesses who controlled human life an destiny)
5. Persephone (daughter of Zeus and Demeter)
6. The Muses (nine daughters of Zeus and goddesses of memory)