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PC Maintenance Check List
1) Disk Defragmentation
2) Run CCleaner
3) Run Avast antispyware
5) Windows Update
6) Adobe Reader Update
7) Adobe Flash Player Update
8) Java Update
9) Disk Cleanup
10) Error-checking (Automatically fix file system
11) Uninstall Unneeded Software or Apps
12) Startup (System Configuration)
13) Blow Out Dust (Compressed Air-Can)
Of those 13 items on the check list these 5
are the most important
1. Physically clean the computer
Dust accumulates over time inside computers and
can cause serious problems if left unchecked for a
long period of time. Using compressed air is a great
way to remove dust inside and outside your
computer. If you are using a laptop be sure to clean
the keyboard on a regular basis. Dirt, dust, and other
foreign objects can be trapped underneath the keys
and cause mechanical malfunctions. Use a small hand
vacuum to clean out keyboards in laptops and also
desktop keyboards.
2. Perform Disk Clean-Up
Having a clean and optimized hard drive can be a
daunting task considering all the media and files we
download on a daily basis. Increase your PC
performance by running Disk Clean-Up on a regular
basis. Disk Clean-Up will remove temporary files that
are not in use, which frees up space for you to use.
Ensure that Disk Clean-Up is run multiple times a
week to increase PC performance.
3. Scan for Viruses
A virus can halt a computer dead in its tracks. If a
computer is infected with a virus all PC maintenance
can be for naught. Obtaining virus scanning software
is relatively easy now thanks to Microsoft. Microsoft
now includes a free malware scanner in each
Windows operating system, which scans and removes
viruses for free. Act with caution whenever
downloading something from the Internet. Always
ensure that you know what you are downloading and
whom you are downloading it from.
4. Updates
System updates are essential to computer
maintenance. Updates can provide extra security
measures to programs and can also optimize certain
aspects how your computer interacts with that
program. In general, it is advisable to enable
automatic updates within the Windows operating
system. For the maximum PC performance, make
sure that you select to update only the necessary
programs for your computing needs.
5. Defragment the hard drive
Hard drives naturally store information in an
inefficient fashion after a certain point. A file might be
stored in multiple locations on the hard drive, which
increases the time needed to recall the file and
display it to the user. To address this problem,
Microsoft includes a defragmenter utility in all of the
Windows operating systems. The disk defragmenter
will organize files on your hard drive to increase PC
performance. Be sure to analyze each hard drive
before defragmenting it.
With these 5 tasks on your PC maintenance list you
will avoid many issues that can cause problems or
slow down your computer.