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• Test on Islam and Africa Friday.
Aim #9: What were the
accomplishments of the three
great kingdoms of Western
June 6, 2016
Kingdoms of Western Africa
3. What religion did people
practice in Ghana? How did it
spread to western Africa?
• Islam
• Spread by the way of the transSaharan trade routes
• Ibn Battuta was a traveler and
historian from Morocco who
traveled to every country in the
Muslim world over 27 years,
encouraging people to be more
devout Muslims.
Why do think many
common people in
this kingdom refused
to give up their
animistic beliefs?
5. What pilgrimage do you think
Mansa Musa was on?
Mansa Musa converted to
Islam and took the haji
(1324-1325): Visiting the
Muslim world inspired
him to build the city of
Timbuktu: Great
center of trade, culture and
Concluding Question
• Which of the following golden ages do you
think was most impressive, and why
(provide at least three specific examples to
support your argument):
– Pax Romana
– Golden age of the Islamic Empire
– Golden age of Ghana, Mali and Songhai