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“Nuclear Weapons Club” (Handout)
• (1) Which nine countries have nuclear
• (2) Which country is actively seeking to
become the 10th country in the world to
possess nuclear weapons?
• (3) What concerns should this pose to the
world community?
“The Chinese Civil War” (1949)
** Read, Pages 642-643, “Why did the Communists win?”
• Mao Zedong vs. Chiang Kai-shek
• The Peoples Republic of
• “Taiwan” or the
Republic of China
“Duck and Cover”
- Hmm, how effective might
this have been?
- Nuclear fallout
- Federal Civil Defense
Administration (1951)
- School-practiced drills to
survive a nuclear bomb
- Encouraged Americans The naïve attempts of Bert the Turtle
to build bomb shelters to survive the firecracker of his
monkey nemesis in the 1952 film
Duck and Cover were overshadowed
- “Duck and Cover”
by the reality of the 1954 H-Bomb.
- (9:15)
“Duck and Cover”
“Dropping immediately and
covering exposed skin provide[s]
protection against blast and
thermal effects....Immediately
drop facedown. A log, a large
rock, or any depression in the
earth's surface provides some
protection. Close eyes. Protect
exposed skin from heat by putting hands and arms under or near
the body and keeping the helmet on. Remain facedown until the
blast wave passes and debris stops falling. Stay calm, check for
injury, check weapons and equipment damage, and prepare to
continue the mission.”
1954 – Bikini Island, Hydrogen Bomb test
Bomb Shelters
- Avoid Nuclear Fallout,
as the idea was people could
avoid nuclear fallout
- Two weeks inside
- 12-inch concrete thick walls
- Ventilation & waste systems
- Food, water, etc.
Read in textbooks on pages 625-626,
section “International Impact of the
War” to “International
Organizations and Treaties”
• How did WWII impact the
world politically?
• How did WWII impact the
world politically?
– Division of Germany
– Chinese Communists win the Chinese Civil War
(1927 – 1949)
– Imperialism internationally weakens around the
• Why?
– Two superpowers emerge
• Handout – Imperialism Weakens