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Create Your Own Business
Owner/Partners/ Board members
“Business Slogan/ Tagline”
[What is your business?]
• [What will you sell?]
• [Target Market]
– [Who is going to buy]
– [Where will you sell it]
• [Why is there a demand for your product or
• [Why is your product or service better than the
rest (be brief)]
Business Organization
• [What type of business are you?]
• [Who are you in business with?]
• [Who are you? (your experience and ability to
run this business)]
• [Where will your business be located?]
• [Why will this help your business target your
• [Is you business dependent on location?]
• [Where are you competitors?]
– [Can you create a geographic monopoly?]
The Competition
• [Who else is in the market?]
• [Are there any direct competitors? (businesses
that are selling essentially the same product)]
• [Are there any indirect competitors?
(businesses that are selling a product or service
that meets the same need in the market)
• [What is the competitions target market?]
• [How is your business going to compete?
(better product? lower price? new idea?)]
Marketing Plan
• [How will you generate demand?]
– [Why are you better than the competition? What
advantage do you have?]
• [How will people learn about your product or
– [where will you advertise to reach your target
• [How will you draw in business?]
– [Deals/Promotions/ Grand Opening]
Labor and Benefits
• [How many?]
• [Full or part time? Why?]
• [What kind of benefits will you offer]
– [discounts? Health? Vacation time?]
Corporate Social Responsibility
• [Social Responsibility? (how will your
business help take care of employees and the
great economy]