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By: Stephen Mattingly
CIS 320
 What
are a few of the technologies that
have led to globalization and how can
corporations use them to their
 What
it’s not:
• Not a single invention
• No single inventor
 What
it is:
• A culmination of several techs dealing with…
 Mass media
 International commerce
 Modern Travel
Because we have developed ways to preserve food and
keep it free from contaminants, we are able to enjoy
any food we want anywhere in the world at any time in
the year.
Because monetary records are now kept almost entirely
electronically, and because many business transactions
take place online, stock exchange and any other type
of business can be conducted on an international scale
between citizens of any combination of nations.
Because of the development of mass media, people can
share ideas/information instantaneously from across
the world.
Driving force – business
 “The goal of IT departments of multinational
companies can be simply stated: To create globally
integrated information infrastructures that
electronically link their entire supply chains - their
sales, production, and delivery processes - into
one seamless flow of information across national
borders and time zones, with both real-time and
store-and-forward access to information from any
location.” (David O. Stephens, The Globalization of Information
Technology in Multinational Corporations)
 Assists
in nearly every step of global
• Intl. communication (internet, digital phones)
 allow businesspeople to hold conversations from different
• Modern record keeping programs (ex. Microsoft
 aid accountants and make the process of logging business
transactions easier, among other uses
• Website-building programs (ex. Dreamweaver,
Microsoft Expression Web) assist corporations to
market themselves
 businesses can market themselves on the internet and
attract potential customers.
Nationalism: a sense of national consciousness exalting
one nation above all others and placing primary
emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as
opposed to those of other nations. (Webster-Merriam
Painting: Liberty Leading
the People by Eugène
Historically, when a culture group’s values are
threatened, they will always fight back.
• Globalization (marketing/selling cultural goods)may be seen
as diluting a culture.
Fixed borders that help to define a nation (through
culture) are rendered weak, thanks to globalization.
Source: Interview with Daniel Reader, WKU Professor, Department
of Geography
 Driven
primarily by commerce, information
technologies made globalization (the
emergence of a closely-connected worldwide
community) possible via:
• Mass communication
• Electronic data storage/organization
• International transportation (goods, people, etc)
Stephens, David O., The Globalization of Information
Technology in Multinational Corporations, published
by Information Management Journal on July 1, 1999,
Reader, Daniel. Western Kentucky University Professor,
Department of Geography, Personal Interview
conducted on November 6, 2009