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Amanda Zhang
Computer 8
Block A
• 75% of Earth is covered by water
• Water
- Boils at 100 degrees
- Freeze at 0 degrees
• Cloud and Rain contains water
• 75% of human body is water
• Water is a regulator of body temperature
• Food that has water:
- Fruits & Meats, etc.
• Water’s Definition:
- A Clear, Colorless, Tasteless liquid
• Formed by Molten Rocks and Magma
• It formed crystals and gemstones
• Two Types:
- Silicate Minerals ( Silica and Oxygen)
- Non-silicate Minerals (Magma)
• Food that has Minerals:
- Water, Fruits, Grains, etc.
• Totally, there are 6 kinds of Minerals:
-Calcium, Chlorine, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium
• Mineral’s Definition:
-A substance has a chemical composition
• Two main types of vitamins:
-water-soluble vitamins
-fat-soluble vitamins (store in body fats)
• Totally 12 kind
• They are natural substance found plants and animals
• They help body stay healthy
• They help eyesight, bones, get heal
• Foods that has vitamins in them:
-Meat, Fruits, and vegetables
• Definitions of Vitamins:
-Any various substance for growth from foods
• Fibres occur in both plants and animals
• There are two kinds of fibres:
-Regenerated Fibre
-Synthetic Fibre
• Fibres keep the Digestive system healthy
• Foods that have it in:
-Fruits, Grains, Vegetables and Nuts
• Definition of Fibre:
-Fibre is a long, thin strand or thread of materials
• Protein is essential for our body
• It does:
-regulates body processes
-building and repairing body tissues
-keeps the body healthy
• Foods that have Protein in:
-Meats, Dairy Products and Grains
• Fat is a component in food
• Three types of Fats:
- Trans Fat
- Saturated Fat
- Unsaturated Fat
• Fats elevate blood levels
• Foods that has it:
- nuts, oil, butter, and meats
• Definition of Fats:
- The food that provide energy to body
• It is one of the important sources
• Two Types of Carbohydrates:
- Simple (also called simple sugars)
- Complex (include grains)
• Foods that have it:
- Fruits, Grains, Candy and Bread
• It is fuel for body muscles and brains
• Definition:
-It is a component that provides energy