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Mrs. Wharton’s Science Class
System of the body that collects wastes
produced by cells and removes the wastes from
the body.
Excretion- what the removal process is called.
The structures of the excretory system that
eliminate urea, water, and other wastes include
the kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, and
Kidneys- remove urea and other waste material
from blood.
Urine- a watery fluid that contain urea and other
Urea- a chemical that comes from the breakdown
of proteins
Ureters- narrow tubes where urine flows from
the kidneys
Urinary bladder- where urine is carried to ( stores
Urethra- where urine flows going to the outside
They filter wastes. 1st- both wastes and
needed material, such as glucose, are filtered
out of the blood.
Then- much of the needed materials is
returned to the blood, and the wastes are
eliminated from the body.
Excretion maintains homeostasis by keeping
the body’s internal environment stable and
free of harmful levels of chemicals.
In addition to the kidneys, organs of
excretion that maintain homeostasis include
lungs, skin and liver.