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The Romantic Period
The American Renaissance
By: Alicia Oliver, Mariah Kessler, Monet Newt
The Romantic period was a time of great revolutions.
It is where imagination was important than logic.
The Romantic period was the time of the American War.
Romanticism--still the most popular style for epic film
The industrial Revolution replaced people with
machines. SO….people fought back with feeling and
Industrial Revolution: A period from the 18th century to
the 19th century, Where major changes in agriculture,
manufacturing, mining and transport came into effect.
Was Not about LOVE!
It Values feeling and strong emotion!
The Romantic Period, Nature was very important. They simply
expressed feelings and emotion through art and music.
Caspar David
John William
Henry Fuseli
William Blake
Tone Color
Tone color is a special sound that makes
instruments or voice sound different from
The Romantic Period was the age of
Virtuoso: (noun) a individual who processes
the ability to sing and play.
For example: Franz List
Romantic Music
Franz Liszt
Felix Mendelssohn
Robert Schumann
Richard Wagner
Famous people you might heard of:
Mark Twain
Charles Darwin
Albert Einstein
Sigmund Freud
Booker T. Washington
Characteristics Of the Romantic
period (1800-1900)
Civilization was bad and nature was good.
Individual freedom was important.
Nature was the way to find god.
Poetry. Art and music was the highest expression
of imagination.
Anybody can become a romantic artist.