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Explorers, Settlements, Maps & Motivation
 Beginning in the 1400’s Europeans set forth in a great
wave of exploration and trade
 European motivations: GOD, GLORY & GOLD
 Spread of Christianity
 Spreading European nations’ territory and controlling
new lands
 Muslims controlled many trade routes
 Profit through trade in goods such as gold, silver,
sugar, and spices
1. Christopher
 Lived 1451-1506
 He was hoping to find
a route to India (in
order to trade for
 He made a total of four
trips to the Caribbean
and South America
during the years 14921504.
Columbus, Cont.…
 Columbus led an expedition with three ships, the
Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria and about 90
crew members.
 They set sail on Aug. 3, 1492 from Palos, Spain, and
on October 11, 1492 landed in San Salvador in
Central America
 Columbus thought he had made it to a section of Asia
known as the Indies, and called its inhabitants Indians.
 Here: Columbus’s men met the Taino Indians, many
of whom were captured by Columbus' men and later
sold into slavery.
Columbus Expedition
2. Hernando De Soto
 Hernando De Soto (1500?1542) was a Spanish explorer
who sailed the Atlantic
Ocean and was the first
European to explore Florida
and the southeastern US.
 As Hernando and his men
traveled they gave misery to
tribes they encountered (the
Choctaw, Creek, and
 De Soto and his men
burned villages, stole
food, and killed or
captured thousands of
Hernado De Soto Cont….
Ferdinand Magellan
 Ferdinand Magellan was
the leader of the first
expedition to
circumnavigate (sail the
circumference of) the
 He was the first
European to sail across
the Pacific Ocean and
discovered a route by
which ships could sail a
complete circle around
the world.
Magellan’s Expedition
God, Glory & Gold
1. GOD:
 The Crusades pushed Christians to feel it was their
duty to spread their religion and convert people to
Christianity (and not to be Muslim)
 Being “The FIRST!”
 Find an spice
 Find a area
 Create a trading port
 Expanding the home country’s territory
3. Gold
 Wealth
 New spices in were
introduced in Europe
during the Crusades =
high demand for the
 Europeans wanted to cut
out the middle man by
trying to find new trade
routes to make it easier to
get to the spices
Muslims sold
Spices to
for lots of $
it for a
higher price
sell it
to Europe
MORE $$$
The Columbian
The Lost Colony
 The Lost Colony was a group of 100 or so colonists
sent to establish England's first permanent colony in
the New World.
 Due to various circumstances, the colony did not
reach its planned destination, the Chesapeake Bay.
 The colony was left on Roanoke Island without any
English contact for three years and disappeared. No
one knows for sure what fate they encountered .