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Identidad: La familia
Español 2
1 de septiembre del 2016
Piensa en alguien que te
inspira. Ahorra usa 3 palabras
para expresarte de ellos(as).
• YOU will be able to express
yourself about what or who
inspires you through a series
of activites.
Conexión Personal
In your notebook, answer the following questions using a minimum of
8 sentences.
• What did you dream about when you were
younger? What do you want to be when you grow
up? Do you still have the same goals as when you
were a child? Have they changed? Do you think
your are going to achieve your goals? Explain.
• Do you think that some people have
more opportunities than others to reach
their dreams due to their sexual
orientation, education, and/or
economic status? Explain your answer in
4 complete sentences.
¿Quién es Sonia Sotomayor?
• You and a partner will create a quick powerpoint
presentation about the life of Sonia Sotomayor.
• For the following slides (7-10), you and your partner
willwrite 6 bullet point using complete sentences.
• Think about the most important facts about her life.
Early Life
¿Qué opinas?
• In Central and South America, there have been 10
women presidents.
• What is your opinion about the possibility of
having a woman president in the United
States? Explain your answer in 4 complete
Modelo(s) de la vida
• In 3 paragraphs, write about a person that you
admire. Describe their personality, their story,
and explain why they are important to you. First
due your rough draft.
• Paragraph #1: Describe who the person is and
how are they?
• Paragraph #2: What is their story? Where did
they come from?
• Paragraph #3: Why is this person important to
you? How do they inspire you? Why?