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A Risk In Pregnancy
What is Toxoplasmosis?
 It is an infection caused by the parasite
Toxoplasma gondii
What causes
 The protozoan Toxoplasmosis gondii, is a
coccidian, obligate, intracellular parasite
responsible for zoonotic infections in man
and other mammals
Life Cycle:
 Two phases
 Intestinal and extraintestinal
Toxoplasmosis gondii
 Oocysts- Only members of the cat family
shed oocysts
Toxoplasmosis gondii
 Trophozoites- Tachyzoites are the
actively proliferating trophozoites, which
are observed during the acute stage of
Toxoplasmosis gondii
 Tissue cysts: Tissue cysts are found most
commonly in the brain and in skeletal and
cardiac muscle but can occur in any
Signs and Symptoms:
Sore throat
Sore muscles
Swollen glands
Temporary blurred vision or loss of vision
 Serological tests
 Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
 Histological demonstration of the parasite
and or its antigens (i.e.
immunoperoxidase stain)
 Isolation of the organism
 Treatment should be developed in
consultation with an obstetrician and
infectious disease specialist
 Combinations of anti-toxoplasmosis
medications (plus leurovorin)
 Hospitalization may be necessary
 Wear gloves when handling soil
 Wash hands with soap and water after outdoor
 When preparing raw meat, wash any cutting
boards, sinks, knives and other utensils that
touched the raw meat thoroughly with soap
and hot water to avoid contaminating other
 Cook all meats thoroughly
 Keep cats indoors and feed them dry or
canned food rather than allowing them to
have access to wild birds and rodents
 Clean litter box everyday (because the
parasite found in cat feces needs one or
more days after it is past to become
 Thoroughly wash hands after cleaning
litter box