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6. In case of discrepancy between the simulation-based p-value and the normal
approximation-based p-value, which do you think would be the more reliable?
7. (Optional) Notice that the applet provides you with an option to report the Exact Binomial
p-value. Check on the option, and report the resulting p-value: ___________________.
8. (Optional) Which p-value is closer to the Exact Binomial p-value: the simulation-based pvalue (from #2) or the normal approximation-based p-value (from #4)?
Figure 1.2 shows a few examples of null distributions.
Figure 1.2: Null distributions for various studies. A bell-shaped distribution, called a normal
distribution, can be used to nicely approximate some of them, but will not work well for others.
St. George’s
(n = 10; 𝜋 = 0.15)
St. George’s
(n = 361; 𝜋 = 0.15)
Halloween treats
(n = 283; 𝜋 = 0.5)
The St. George’s (n = 361) and Halloween treats (n = 283) simulations show bell-shaped
curves. However, the first sample of St. George’s heart patients (n = 10) is a not bell-shaped
curve, in part because the distribution is not symmetric and in part because there are so few
values that the sample proportion can be.
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