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Energy Interactions 5T1U2A05
In the past, scientists wondered if electric charge and magnetism were related.
They knew that charged objects and magnets both produce a force that can pull or push without touching.
The discovery that an electric current can turn a compass needle proved that the two forces are related.
What is this?? How does it produce electricity??
How does an electromagnet use a switch to make it a working system?
a temporary magnet created when electricity passes through wire wrapped around an iron bar
**Make electromagnets then...
1. Explain how you designed and made your strongest electromagnet. How many paper clips were you able to life from the tabletop?
2. How is an electromagnet different from a bar magnet? How is it the same?
Electromagnets can be turned on and off by closing the electrical circuit; bar magnets cannot. Both types of magnets are attracted to only certain types of materials and not others. Both attract materials at either end.
3. How is an electromagnet a system?
An electromagnet has parts that work together in order to make a complete electrical circuit that produces magnetic effects. Removing ay part of the electromagnet would cause it to not work.
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