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Iron Rich Foods
for Every Body
Iron is Used by Every Living Cell
in the Human Body
Building muscles
Making blood
What Happens When People
Do not get Enough Iron?
They get anemia
They feel tired and weak
They get sick more often
Every Body Needs Iron
It can be Hard to Get Enough Iron
Iron is found in many foods,
but not in large quantities
Meats, Poultry, Fish and Beans
Important Sources of Iron
Liver and other organ meats are especially good sources of iron
Many Foods in the Grains Group
are Fortified with Extra Iron
Read package labels
to see if a food is a
good source of iron
Some Fruits and Vegetables
are Good Sources of Iron
Green peas
Lima beans
Foods in the Dairy Group
are NOT Good Sources of Iron
Parents who bottle feed
their babies should use
an iron-fortified formula
Eating Foods High in Vitamin C can help
Your Body use the Iron in Your Food
For example:
Cereal with orange juice
Tomatoes with dried beans
Best Sources of Vitamin C:
Citrus fruits
Brussels sprouts
Sweet peppers
Careful Meal Planning will Provide Each
Member of the Family with the Iron They Need
Adapted from NEP-15FG, Iron In Your Diet
Jackie R. Walters, MBA, RD, LD
University of Kentucky, Extension Associate for Nutrition Education Programs
May 2006
Revised by: Jean Najor, MS
August 2014
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