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To resistances of 5 Ohm and 20 Ohm are
connected in parallel . The parallel
combination is connect in series with
1ohm resistance and series-parallel
combination is connected across a dc
source of 100V. The current supplied by
the source is
A. 25A
B. 20A
C. 5A
D. 4A
Two resistances each of 10 Ohm and 20 Ohm
are connected in parallel across a dc voltage
source. The current through the 10 Ohm
resistance is
Equal to current supplied by the voltage
Equal to the current through the 20 Ohm
50% of the current through the 20 Ohm
200% of the current through the 20 Ohm
Find the equivalent
resistance between
point A and B in
combination of
resistors having
resistance R,
a. 3/5R
b. 2R
c. 8/5R
d. 5R/8
The time constant of a circuit containing,
resistance of R Ohms in series with an
inductance of L henry is equal to
A. R*L
B. R/L
C. L/R
D. L+R
Given n capacitors with charge Q and
capacitance C, will you get the greatest
energy stored :
A. In series
C. In parallel
B. They will be the same
D. None
A 320H coil is in series with a 3.3k resistor.
How long does it take for current to build
up to its full value?
A. 5.28s
B. 5.28ms
C. 5.28ms
D. 0.528s
A switch, a 220 resistor, and a 60 mH
inductor are in series across a 20 V
battery. What is the current through the
inductor two time constants after the
switch is closed?
A. 91mA
B. 78mA
C. 57mA
D. 400mA
Three capacitors of C microfarad are
connected first in series and then in
parallel, the equivalent capacitance is
A. greater in series combination.
B. greater in parallel combination.
C. Same in the two combinations.
D. None of these
In the given circuit
shown, the
resistances are 2
ohms, 12 ohms and
24 ohms
calculate the
power consumed in
2 ohms resistor
A. 2.88W
B. 7.68W
C. 3.84W
D. 2.4W
What happens to total resistance in a
circuit with parallel resistors if one of
them opens?
It increases
B. It halves
It remains the same
D. It decreases
In a 20V RC circuit, if 20V is measured
across the resistor and 40V across the
capacitor, the applied voltage is
A. 50V
B. 55V
C. 60V
D. 45V
Statement 1 : Inductor doesn’t accept
sudden changes in current.
 Statement 2 : Inductor doesn’t accept
sudden changes in voltage.
A. Statement 2 is correct
B. Statement 1 is correct
C. Both are correct
D. None of the above
The unit of inductor is Henry. It can also
be represented as :
A. V/sec
B. V-Sec
C. V/A
D. V-Sec/A