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Triangle segments
Geometry (Holt Chapter 5)
Angle Bisector
A segment that divides an angle into two
congruent angles.
Vertex to opposite side
Angle Bisectors in triangles
Point of concurrency--incenter
Perpendicular Bisector
A segment that intersects a segment at its
midpoint perpendicularly
midpoint to opposite side (perpendicular)
Perpendicular Bisectors in Triangles
Point of concurrency--circumcenter
A segment from a vertex of a triangle that
intersects the opposite side at its midpoint.
vertex to midpoint
Medians in triangles
Point of concurrency--centroid
A segment that connects two midpoints on
the sides of the triangle.
midpoint to midpoint
Midsegments in Triangles
No point of concurrency
A segment that connects perpendicularly from
a vertex to the line containing the opposite
vertex to opposite side (perpendicular)
Altitudes in triangles
Point of concurrency—orthocenter