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How do organisms
get their energy?
HERBIVORE: an animal that eats plants
OMNIVORE: an animal that eats plants and other animals
CARNIVORE: an animal that eats other animals
(Pick out the predator/prey relationship in this picture)
DECOMPOSER: organisms that eat the dead or decaying organisms.
Omnivore, decomposer, carnivore or herbivore?
Omnivore, decomposer, carnivore or herbivore?
Relationships in
Symbiosis –where two species live in close association for
long periods. Symbiotic means "living together”.
In symbiosis, at least one member of the pair benefits from the
relationship. The other member may be
* parasitism = symbiosis where the host is injured
* mutualism = symbiosis where the host may also benefit.
* commensalism = symbiosis where the host is relatively unaffected
A (slightly) funny example of commensalism.
A (slightly) funny example of mutualism.
A (slightly) funny example of parasitism.
See if you can name the type
of the following relationships!
Egrets are birds that love living near cattle. The cattle
kick up insects as they roam around their pasture and
the birds quickly eat up these insects. The cows are
relatively unaffected by this relationship.
Berries provide a food source
for birds and in return the
birds scatter the seeds in
other places, helping the plant
reproduce and spread.
The bromeliad does not create a trunk of its own to lift
its leaves above the ground. It simply grows on the
branches of the trees. Since the bromeliad does not take
any nutrients from the tree, the tree is relatively
A tomato hornworm is covered with cocoons of pupating
braconid wasps. The braconid wasp causes the hornworm to die
as it pupates. By the time the wasps undergo metamorphosis, all
of the worm's insides have been digested, thus by the time
they are ready to pupate, the caterpillar will die
Certain ants eat the sugar/
water waste that aphids
produce. In return they act as
protectors of the aphids, who
are weaklings in the insect
world. Both species benefit.