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Academic Partner of DigSILENT
Power Factory 14.0
Integrated Power System Engineering & Software
•Generation * Transmission * Distribution * Industrial
The development of DIgSILENT (DIgital SImuLator for
Electrical NeTwork) software began in 1976, and utilized
the talent of many experienced power system engineers and
software developers directly involved with the planning,
operation and maintenance of power systems.
DIgSILENT Power Factory 7.0 was only power system
simulation software at that time.
The new DIgSILENT PowerFactory software is an
integrated power system analysis tool that combines :
◦ Reliable
◦ Flexible system modeling capabilities
◦ State-of-the-art solution algorithms
◦ An unique database management concept.
 General software package design.
 Data structures.
 Reduce redundancy.
 Precise object definition.
 Mathematical formulation.
 Solution techniques.
 Man-machine communication structures,
 Techniques and compatibility.
 Versatility.
 Functional interaction.
Window Based.
Drag ‘n’ drop element.
Click ‘n’ click connections.
Easy tutorials.
Background facility.
Easy to configure elements.
Library facility.
Huge database support.
Detection of errors in initial state.
Other Features
Multi-User Database and User Accounting
Advanced Tools: Optimal Power Flow
Production Planning
Power Electronic Device Modeling likeRectifier, inverter, PWM, DC voltage and
current sources.
• Interface for SCADA/GIS/NIS
• Production Planning
• Voltage Stability Analysis
Vertically Integrated
 Windowing Operation
(windows standard)
 Full Interactive Mode
(command & DPL)
 Engine Mode
(interfacing & parallel processing)
Text Output (filter)
Spread - sheet Output (to other application)
Virtual Instruments (bar graphs, plotted curves,
Graphical Documentation (WMF, Bit map)
Multi layer technique.
Auxiliary graphics.
Networking coloring.
Result display.
HV and MV substation types available according
to the ABB handbook, and many more
1-, 2- and 3-busbar systems with and without
transfer buses
The DPL Object Oriented script language is intuitive
and easy to learn. The basic set of commands
flow commands like "if-then-else", "do-while"
Input, output and reporting routines
Mathematical expressions
Execution of PowerFactory commands
PowerFactory object procedure calls
DPL subroutine calls
Any question or