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Organization of American States
By Megan Hussey
What is the OAS?
• Organization of 35 nations from
North, South, and Central
America and the Caribbean
• World’s oldest regional
• Four main pillars: democracy,
human rights, security, and
• Charter of the OAS was signed by
original 21 members in 1948
• Organization of American States was
officially created under the signing of the
Age of Organization
• Created in 1948 (turning 64 years old)
• Since Cold War ended, OAS has put more
emphasis on democracy & human rights
• Inter-American Democratic Charter
was adopted in 2001 to promote democracy
• Keep independence of member
states while promoting cooperative
action in economic, social, and
cultural development and speeding
the process of economic integration
• Increase peace & security of
• Prevent conflicts & encourage
peaceful settlement of disputes
between member states
• Promote democracy
• Limit poverty
• Find solutions for political &
economic problems
• 35 countries currently belong to the
• Original 21 member states signed the
Charter of the OAS in 1948
• 14 member states have since joined
• All members have ratified the Charter
of the OAS
General Secretariat
• Secretary General: José Miguel Insulza
• Chief of Staff of the Secretary General: Hugo de Zela
• Assistant Secretary General: Albert R. Ramdin
• Chief of Staff of the Assistant Secretary General:
Carmen Lucía de la Pava
Permanent Representatives to the OAS
• Chair of the Permanent Council: Duly Brutus
• Vice Chair of the Permanent Council : Allan Culham
Advantages of Membership
• Has helped ensure fair and free
elections in Latin America
• Promotes educational programs
throughout the Americas
• Has numerous affiliated
Disadvantages of Membership
• Since the OAS was created, it has
been dominated by the United States
• During the Cold War Era, the main
concern of the OAS was to limit
communist influence on western
• The United States violated the Charter
of the OAS, which states that no state
can intervene on the affairs of another
International Impact
• Has been a member of the OAS since
• In October 2011, Mexico’s Supreme Court
and the Inter-American Commission on
Human Rights, a part of the OAS, signed
an agreement where all Mexican federal
judges on will receive training concerning
human rights
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