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Patient Information Sheet
Determining the anti-tumour effects of metformin
in prostate cancer
Current treatment for prostate cancer involves androgen deprivation therapy
(ADT). ADT inhibits the growth of prostate cancer by reducing levels of
testosterone in the blood. However, this treatment can have significant
metabolic side effects like loss of muscle mass and increase in fat mass.
Some growth factors that drive the growth of prostate cancer are stimulated
under these metabolic conditions.
Metformin is a medication commonly used in the treatment of diabetes. It is
well tolerated, and has been to be beneficial in the treatment of prostate
cancer. Its full mechanisms of action in cancer remain unknown.
This is a research study looking at the effect of metformin on certain growth
factors that stimulate the growth of prostate cancer cells.
If you have been on hormone treatment for prostate cancer for more than
6 months and are interested, below is the study plan:
This study will take place at Blacktown Hospital. The total duration is 12 weeks with 3
study visits to Blacktown Hospital. You will be allocated randomly to one of two groups.
Group 1 will take metformin for 6 weeks. Group 2 will take a sugar pill (placebo) for 6
weeks. At the end of 6 weeks you will swap into the other group (metformin or placebo)
and continue this for another 6 weeks.
At each of the study visits (baseline, 6 weeks, 12 weeks), we will measure your weight,
waist circumference, and body composition. Your energy expenditure will also be
measured along with a glucose metabolism assessment (75g oral glucose tolerance
test). In addition, further blood tests will be taken for special growth factors.
If interested:
Please call Dr. Teresa Lam (02) 9851 6152 or email [email protected]
Version 2, 1st October 2015. This has been approved by WLHD Human Research Ethics Committee
Research Volunteers
Patients with prostate cancer currently on
androgen deprivation therapy
Men aged 50-80 years.
To determine the anti-tumour effects of metformin in
prostate cancer
This study involves taking the anti-diabetic medication
metformin for 6 weeks to determine its anti-tumour properties. It
will involve 3 visits over a 12 week period to the UWS Blacktown
Clinical School and Research Centre. Metformin is a tolerable
medication with few side effects.
If you would like more information please contact Dr. Teresa Lam on
(02) 9851 6070 or email [email protected]
Version 1, 1st July 2015. This advertisement has been approved by WLHD Human Research Ethics Committee