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The Rise of
As Populism declines,
Segregation was legalized,
denying Blacks the same rights
as others.
Election of 1896
Gold/Silver issue was
the focus of the election
Greenbacks- paper
money, not backed by
precious metals
William Jennings
Bryan/William McKinley
McKinley wins the
Presidency– Republican
Embraces greenbacks
and Populism declines
Segregation and Jim Crow
Segregation- separation of
races, laws began to
enforce discrimination
Jim Crow laws- statutes
enforcing discrimination
Civil Rights Act of 1875 –
the Supreme Court did not
pass, allowed no
discrimination based upon
race to be allowed
Lynching- execution
without proper court
Over 190 by each mob
annually from 1890-1899
Calls for Compromise
Ida B. Wells- Black woman,
crusaded against lynching
Greed; Not Racial
Discrimination often
fueled these crimes
Booker T. Washingtoneducated Black man who
spoke out for all Blacks to
educate themselves
Postpone Civil Rights and
prepare for Economic
Voice of the Future
Attended the Atlanta
Compromise speech by
Booker T. W.
W.E.B. DuBois- educated
man who wrote that
Southerners were stripping
Blacks from their civil
Could achieve full equality
with Whites only by
demanding equal rights