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Anabolic Steroids
By: Deven Kropf
ISU books
The readers view of
Barry’s image is
significantly different, by
the way the two books
portray him to be!
-In Love me Hate me he
is a villain.
The book Love me Hate me is
about Barry Bonds, a baseball
icon who was amazing at
baseball. During his MLB career,
he set several records hitting
many home runs and hitting the
baseball farther than anyone in
the league. It did not all come
naturally for Bonds, he used
steroids through his MLB run. He
was not respected in the MLB as
he was arrogant and rude to his
teammates and the media.
-In Barry Bonds
Baseball’s superman he
is an idol!
The book Barry Bonds
Baseball's Superman is about
Barry being an idol to many. He
knows how to be a major
leaguer by showing his baseball
talents day in and day out. The
book tries to prove that he is the
best baseball player ever. This
book provides a lot of detail and
background on his statistics and
earned records while playing in
the MLB.
Break down of Anabolic Steroids
Steroids: are organic compounds – any large group
is a type of metabolic process which
means there is an increase in metabolism promoting
tissue growth to help increase muscle size.
of natural or synthetic fatty substances containing four
carbon rings, including sex hormones such as
testosterone and estrogen.
According to the Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) Definition
Original use for steroids
Anabolic Steroids is the most popular steroid
Steroids were not created to be used to
gain muscle, weight, strength
or look un-proportionately huge.
Originally steroids were
created for good reason,
which included medical aid
to help people who
suffered from muscle loss
or cancer, HIV ammonia or
Reasons for using Anabolic
steroids is for assisting in the
growth of the skeletal muscle
and to help develop male
Why athletes abuse steroids
Athletes and weight lifters, as well as other
people, abuse steroids. They consume high
doses of this drug because they are
addicted to winning at all costs and will
potentially risk their lives to do so.
Anabolic steroids
can be addicting
and cause cravings
of wanting more,
similar to drug
abuse and
addiction. The drug
abusers also want
higher doses, more
often, because they
think that the results
will be seen and felt
Steroids in Sports
Steroid use is illegal in
international sports competition
because it is viewed as an
unfair advantage to the user.
There are tests to determine if
the athlete is on steroids. Even
though athletes know the rules
and the possible repercussions,
they still try to get away with it.
Steroid abusers playing on
professional teams, puts the
team at risk of titles being
revoked, because it is unfair
and illegal towards competitors
and team mates vying for the
same title/s.
Theory of stacking steroids
Drug abusers desire
to consume higher
doses more often,
because they believe
that the results in their
muscle growth and
strength can be seen
Steroid abusers do a thing called
“stacking” doses which means they
mix 2 or more different types of
anabolic steroids. The drug users
have a theory that if they mix 2 or
more anabolic steroids together it will
produce a greater amount of muscle
than the steroid would do if it was
taken without stacking or mixing them
How are steroids injected and used?
Anabolic Steroids
can be taken orally
with pills, injected
directly into the
muscles and they
can also be rubbed
on the skin with gels
or creams.
Creams / Gels
Working out naturally
When an individual is lifting
weights heavier than what
they are used too, small
micro-tears are created
which are located in the
muscle fibers.
The body naturally repairs
the micro-tear by adding
bigger muscle fibers to the
location of where the microtears occur.
In return the muscle will
increase in size which is
called muscular
hypertrophy. In this process
the body uses a natural
Working out with Steroids
Anabolic steroids are a
synthetic version of
testosterones which helps
athletes gain strength
muscle mass, endurance
and speed.
 Anabolic
steroids also
increases the rate of protein
synthesis within cells
extremely fast so the building
of cellular tissue in muscles is
very noticeable.
When Anabolic steroids are
ingested through the blood
stream it goes to the muscle
tissue and once it is at the
muscle cell, it will promote cell
Therefore steroid use
makes muscles look and
seem larger rapidly and
Steroid Side Effects
Steroids are known to be very dangerous
and have some very serious side effects.
Some serious and fatal side effects are…..
Liver Damage
Liver Cancer
Roid Rage
Liver Damage
With liver damage caused
from anabolic steroids there is
a condition known as
cholestasis- which means bile
(the digestive fluid that is
created in our liver). The bile
can not travel to places that it
is suppose to go and leaks
into the blood stream. This is
very hazardous because bile is
a very acidic fluid. Symptoms
are itchiness, nausea, loss of
appetite, dark urine and
yellow discoloration in the
Liver Tumors
Long term use of
anabolic steroids will
put the individual at a
higher risk of getting
liver tumors.
If the tumors are bad
enough they can
rupture and cause
serious bleeding
inside the liver. This
is very dangerous as
proven by reported
deaths due to
ruptured tumors.
Roid Rage
When someone is on steroids there is
a severe term known as “roid” rage.
After a large dose of steroids is taken
a user can get extremely aggressive.
They get so angry that there have
been murders and harsh attacks that
have been linked back to steroids.
Since the individual is inserting a
high level of testosterone into their
body this can cause the individual to
go psycho, which in turn contributes
to “roid” rage. If the person decides
to continue to abuse steroids they
can find themselves experiencing
uncontrolled mood swings, possibly
taking their own life and showing
extreme behavior issues. If Steroids
are taken long enough the person
may begin to show signs of
Other Side effects include
What are the Hazards of Steroids?
 Steroids often make users feel
anxious, moody, aggressive and
paranoid. Other short-term hazards
 Headaches
 Nosebleeds
 Acne
 Stomach pain
 Increased heart rate
 Increased blood pressure
 Fluid retention
 Muscle tightness
 Muscle cramps
 Tendon problems
Many problems can arise from
long-term use. These include:
 Headaches
 Heart disease
 Liver Cancer
 Hypertension
 Eating disorder
 Elevated cholesterol
 Stunted growth
 Episodes of rage
 Delusions
 Violent behavior
In Conclusion
Steroids are very dangerous and
should not be used. Work out naturally
to acquire natural muscle top and to
lessen the risk of damaging your body.
According to the Encarta Dictionary: English (North America) Definition