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Lit Terms
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Characters Poetry Terms
An implied or indirect reference to a
person, place or thing that is
ficticious, historical, or real
What is an allusion?
A struggle that is part of the
plot and can trigger the action
in a plot
What is conflict?
The high point of the conflict
when the most action takes
What is the climax?
Information imparted by
characters that helps to
explain the situation at the
beginning of the play or story.
May include indentification of
the characters and their
history to help audience
understand what is going on as
the story begins.
What is exposition?
A situation or a statement that
is the opposite of what was
expected, such as saying one
thing and meaning the
What is irony?
Literature based on fact
What is nonfiction?
A made-up story
What is fiction?
A public expression of opinion
What is a speech?
A type of fiction that may
encompass metered or
rhythmically measured lines
and is intended to evoke an
emotional response in the
What is poetry?
A story of a person’s life told
by that person
What is an autobiography?
The main character of a story
What is a protagonist?
What do we call the character
or force that opposes the main
A character who does not
What is a flat character?
A type of character who
What is a dynamic character?
A character distinguished by
exaggerated individual
qualities, almost to a
ridiculous effect
What is a caricature?
The most common form of
rhyming where words at the
ends of words rhyme
What is end rhyme?
Language that appeals to the
reader’s senses
What is imagery?
A type of poetry that has no
specific rules of rhyme, meter,
or length
What is free verse?
A form or figurative language
that gives human
characteristics to something
that is not human
What is personification?
Unrhymed iambic pentameter
What is blank verse?
A record of events by
someone who
participated in or
witnessed the events
directly; the most
related sources to a
What are primary
A reference text that shows
words that have just the same
or opposite meaning as a
chosen word
What is a thesaurus?
A list a writer creates which
gathers the information on the
sources actually used or
quoted from in a research
What is a Works Cited list?
A reference text that has
collections of facts from year
to year
What is an almanac?
To give credit
What is “to cite”?