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 11th hour of the 11th day of the
11th month Germany
 Today known as Veterans day.
As this was the war to end all
wars, that did not work out
and thus Veterans Day was
Hitler decided to erase history by
having the French surrender in the
same wagon on 22 June 1940. The
carriage was then taken back to Berlin
and put on display until 1943. With the
advance on Berlin in 1945 the Waffen
SS initially moved it into Thuringia and
then finally destroyed it by fire.
 June 1919 Germans
summoned to France to sign
Treaty of Versailles.
 Wilson’s 14 points
progressive attempt to end
future war and provide
stability in Europe
 Only point excepted by
Europe is the League of
 League of Nations rejected
by the US.
 Germany will be held Morally and
Financially responsible for war: Why:
A) Schlieffen Plan showed motivation
to capture the continent
B) Poison Gas and Killing of Civilians
Ordered to pay 33 billion dollars in
Armed forces reduced to virtually
Return all captured land including
German Land and new borders
separating former German speaking
 The Balfour Declaration
insisted on a Jewish
Homeland (Zionist
 Versailles Treaty of 1919,
Britain was entrusted with
the temporary
administration of Palestine,
with the understanding
that it would work on
behalf of both its Jewish
and Arab inhabitants.
Hitler is
arrested put in
prison where
he dictates to
Rudolf Hess
Mein Kamph
My Struggle,
Hitlers plan for
a new
 25 Million Dead in
 500,000 Dead in
 500,000 African
Americans move
from rural areas
to cities to work
and suport the
war effort
 400,000 fought
in ww1
 Red Summer of 1919
Following the war the
economy crumbled. At
one point 4 out 5
workers went on strike.
Returning soldiers and
those who came to
cities during the Great
Migration where no
longer welcomed.
Tensions rose and race
riots broke out in the
industrial cities.
Especially in Chicago.
Lynching’s and
violence erupts.