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By: Raven
Veterans Day
• Veterans day is a day that honors men
and women who have served their country
in the united states armed forces.
• In 1954, congress changed the name of
armistice day to veterans day in order to
honor all united states veterans.
• In the united states, people remember
veterans day with celebrations, parades,
speeches, and special sevices.
• In our country, veterans day was not always
known by that name.
• On November 11,1918 the 11th hour of the 11th
day of the11th month world war 1 ended.
• This was known as the war to end all wars and
people the world over rejoiced. The day became
known as armistice day “in honor of the truce of
peace that was made on this day.
• November 11th was designated as a
federal holiday in 1938.But shortly after
this holiday was declared world war 2
Brock out. The dream of the war to end all
wars now gone.