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Roanoke, the “Lost” Colony
1585 – Sir Walter Raleigh attempted but
colonists returned.
1587 – Raleigh sends 2nd group under
John White to Roanoke Island & leaves for
more supplies.
1590 – White returns to an abandoned colony,
some rusted debris and…
What Happened to Them?
“There were theories. Indian raid, disease, but nobody
knows what really happened. They were all just gone.
Wiped out over night.”
The principal theory is that they dispersed and were absorbed
by either the local Croatoan or Hatteras Indians.
“…descendants of the Croatoan tribe, the modern day Lumbee,
[appeared…] 50 years after the disappearance of the colony.
Observers described these people as having European features
and speaking English.”
Jamestown 1607
England’s First Permanent
“New World” Settlement
English - All Business
Two Joint Stock Companies
Shares of the business sold to investors
Va. Company of Plymouth
VA. Company of London
Search for Silver & Gold
Nothing else got done – no planning for future
“…he that will not work shall not eat.”
John Smith forces farming.
Jamestown Threatened
John Smith blown up – Colonists’ link to
Natives is gone and they distrust those
Colonists antagonize Indians & Powhatan
Crops fail, bad water, freezing winter…
“Starving time”
Tobacco Saves Jamestown
John Rolfe led a 2nd group of settlers.
Plays with blending 2 strains of tobacco to
compete with Spanish success.
Result – a high quality plant in demand in
Europe. “Brown Gold” saves Jamestown.
After that tobacco was all they grew