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Unit 3—Chapters 5 – 6
Imperialism and World War I
CSS 11.4 Students trace the rise of the US to its role as a world
power in the 20th century
Part One
CS 11.4.2 Describe the Spanish-American War and
US expansion in the South Pacific
Essential Question: How and why did the US take a
more active role in world affairs?
Imperialism Definition
• domination of a
country for the
political, economic, or
cultural benefit of
another country or
• Nations needed raw
materials to build an
• Nations needed to sell
their goods to other
• Africa, Asia, South Pacific
• Nations replaced the
local culture of the
country with their own
• British empire covered ¼ of the world
• “The Sun Never Sets on the British
Imperialism, con’t
• Nations want places to put
military bases
• The Influence of Sea Power
upon History, 1660-1783
• Capt. Alfred Thayer Mahan
argued that a strong navy
was key to world power
• Britain, Germany, Russia,
US, and Japan
Causes of American Imperialism
(1880s – 1900)
• The US didn’t want to get left out
• The US sought more markets for US goods
• US wanted to expand into China, Hawaii,
South Pacific and Latin America
• The US wanted more raw materials
• coaling stations, rubber, sugar
• T.R. developed the Great White Fleet to
build up the US military
• sent it on a world tour to intimidate our
potential enemies in 1917
• Belief in Social Darwinism
Can you identify three factors that lead
the U.S. towards imperialism?
• Economic
• Political
• Cultural
American Imperialism
Imperialism in Hawaii
• American sugar planters
gained control of Hawaii’s
government and economy
• they didn’t like paying
import taxes to the US
• American business groups
deposed Queen
Liliuokalani in 1893
• Sanford Dole became the
first president of Hawaii until
it became a US territory in
• Hawaii became a state in
Essential Question:
• How and why did the US take a more active
role in world affairs?