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Just Do It!
• What are some problems in your
community? What are some ways
people try to solve these problems?
Industrial Revolution
• In the decades after Reconstruction, the
United States transitioned from an
agrarian society to a more urban one
• Iron, oil, and steel industries drew millions
of workers to low paying jobs in the cities
• No education, low pay, and cramped and
filthy living quarters characterized the
majority of workers
Progressive Movement
• Time period: 1890s-1920s
• A social movement devoted to economic,
political, social, and moral reforms
• Progressives sought to use government to
correct the injustices of industrialization
Target: Child Labor
• In the early 1900s, over 2 million children
under 16 years old were employed
• Low wages, often times dangerous
• Worked in mills, as newsies, mines,
factories, fruit pickers, etc.
Target: Corruption
• Muckrakers: journalists who expose
waste, corruption, or scandal in business
and government
Target: Female Disenfranchisement
• Women did not have the right to vote
• 1920, 19th Amendment
Target: Alcohol Abuse
• Temperance movements, led mostly by
women and Christian groups, sought to
restrict or eliminate the availability of
• Women seen as main victims of alcohol
• Culminated in the 18th Amendment
Target: Political Elitism
• Progressives advocated greater
democratic control of government
• Worked for recalls, direct election of
senators, etc.
Target: Big Business
• Labor Unions attracted workers for the
purpose of unifying and demanding better
conditions from bosses
• Several major strikes turned violent
Major Strikes:
- Haymarket Square
- Homestead Strike
- Pullman Strike
Visual Discovery
First Letter Activity
• I will divide you into groups
• On a sheet of paper write the word
“Progressive” vertically down the side of
the page
• Write a short phrase or sentence that
begins with each letter that gives important
information about causes or goals of the
Progressive Movement
• You will share yours with the class
Put the example on this slide