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Topic: Functional groups
Do Now: All of the
following are
Why are some
gases at room
temp. while
others are liquid
at room temp.?
Why are none
solids at room
• Contain only carbon & hydrogen
• carbon can also form strong covalent
bonds with other elements such as:
O, N, F, Cl, Br, I, S, & P
Thus hydrocarbon derivatives are formed
Functional Groups
• functional group:
an atom or a group of atoms in organic molecule
that always behaves the same way
• Adding a functional group changes chemical &
physical properties in specific ways
– depends on type functional group added
Functional Groups
1. Halocarbons
2. Alcohols
3. Ether
4. Aldehydes
5. Ketones
6. Carboxylic Acid
7. Ester
8. Amines
9. Amide
10.Amino Acid