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Halloween Safe Sex Bulletin Board
Submitted by Justine
Use this board in October and go for a Halloween theme using
orange and black colors. Cut out candy shapes from
construction paper and tape the candy to free condoms from
your local planned parenthood. These candy condoms were
then taped over the sex facts so that when a condom is
removed by a student a fact is revealed.
Trick or Treat?
Grab a treat so you don't end up tricked!
Safe Sex Fact Board
If you want to avoid picking up an STI,
STD, or erm... a baby, you need to
have safe sex. Get clued-up on safe
sex here, including the facts, the
myths and why you need to use
Only use water-based
lubricant (like KY
Jelly) - oil-based
lubricants (like
Vaseline) can make
condoms break!
If I'm on the Pill do I still
need condoms? Yes.
The Pill won't protect
you from STIs
including HIV.
How can I make sure I
don't get an STI? Use
a condom every time
you have sex. This is
the best protection we
have. Condoms are
little latex life savers.
Never underestimate
the power of the
STIs = Sexually
Transmitted Infections
or STDs = Sexually
Transmitted Diseases
Make certain the condom
package is intact by
checking for the air
What are they?
Don't feel pressured to
STDs/STIs are passed on have sex. Or have sex out
through bodily fluids, like
of fear - fear of hurting
saliva, blood and sexual
someone's feelings by
fluids (eg. sperm). We get saying no or fear of being
an STI by having sex
the "only one" who isn't
(including oral sex) with
doing it.
someone who's infected.
Put a condom where your
Condoms can make sex
mouth is – Oral sex can
easier (because of their
lead to HIV infections –
lubrication) more fun
especially for the person
(some have flavors) and
giving oral sex.
more satisfying (some
Always check the
men find sex lasts longer
expiration date of the
with a condom on).
condom before you open
Remember that "no"
the packet.
means NO and passed
out does not mean YES. Any type of sexual activity
where ejaculation occurs
Being drunk isn't a
near the vaginal opening
defense for committing
can result in pregnancy,
sexual assault.
including anal sex.
Carry extra condoms – In
Most people who have a
case one breaks or tears
STD do not look sick or
while it’s being put on, it’s
best to have an extra one have any visible signs of
the disease.
No Babies!! Hooray!!
Learn how to properly put
on and wear a condom
during sexual activity. This
is important for both men
and women to learn.
Get Tested! Some carriers
of sexually transmitted
diseases might not even
know they have the
disease themselves.
The “Pull Out Method” is
not safe. Pregnancy can
still occur, since sperm is
still present in preejaculate.
Sexually active students
should be sure to have
condoms on hand so
there's no excuse for
unprotected sex.
Guard your cup. Students
at a party should be sure
to never leave a drink
unattended because
someone could slip in
recreational drugs.
Both men and women who Latex Allergy? This is still
no reason to not wear a
are sexually active are
responsible for providing condom as they are now
also made of polyurethane
and are just as safe and
(i.e. Condoms)
effective as latex.
If you and your partner
Many condoms are made
agree about using the
condom in advance then it of latex and it is estimated
that only between 1% and
wont “ruin the mood”.
3% of the population is
Condoms admitted to be
allergic to latex.
sold must stand the
Condoms cost too much.
hermiticity and inflation
Are you kidding? What
tests, which prove there
costs more, a condom or
are no holes.
years of herpes treatment
Almost all condoms
medicine? A condom or a
lubricants, that exclude kid? A condom or 18 years
any pain during their use.
of child support?
If one experiences pain
If you are one of those
during sex, they should
consult a doctor for taking folks who thinks a condom
costs too much, maybe
a sexual health checkup.
you should stick to
Pregnancy and DISEASE masturbation, it's cheaper
are the two main reasons
than going on a date.
to wear a condom. If
you're only worrying about
pregnancy you're missing
the other half of the
The earliest known
Condoms can be found in
any drug store or pharmacy, illustration of a man using
a condom is a 12,000–
bathrooms in nightclubs,
15,000-year-old painting
online condom stores, in
some convenience stores,
on the wall of a cave in
and at Planned Parenthood.
There is absolutely no
reason why you should not
Open the package
be able to find a condom if
carefully. Never bite it or
you want to find one.
use scissors.
Condoms left in wallets Use a new condom before
tend to dry up, get brittle
each sex act.
and break during
application or usage.
If it doesn’t unroll smoothly
Using a condom that could
from the rim on the
possibly break is like
outside, it’s upside down.
jumping out of a plane
with an antique parachute.
During World War II,
condoms were used to
Today condoms are made
cover rifle barrels from
of durable "ultra thin"
being damaged by salt
materials and not only do
water as the soldiers
they enhance the feeling
swam to shore.
but they also offer much
more protection.
Condoms have been sold
in vending machines since
There is no age limit when
buying condoms. If you
are under 18, parent
permission is not required.
When women make love
they produce amounts of
the hormone estrogen,
which makes hair shine
and skin smooth.
Gentle, relaxed lovemaking
reduces your chances of
suffering dermatitis, skin
rashes and blemishes.
The sweat produced
during sexual intercourse
cleanses the pores and
makes your skin glow.
Kissing encourages saliva
to wash food from the
teeth and lowers the level
of the acid that causes
decay, preventing plaque
Sex actually relieves
headaches. A lovemaking
session can release the
tension that restricts blood
vessels in the brain.
A lot of lovemaking can
unblock a stuffy nose. Sex
is a natural antihistamine.
It can help combat asthma
and hay fever.
Lovemaking can burn up all
of those calories you got
from all of that cafeteria
Sex is one of the safest sports
you can take up. It stretches
and tones up just about
every muscle in the body.
The sexually active body
gives off greater quantities
of chemicals called
pheromones. These subtle
sex perfumes drive the
opposite sex crazy!
Sex is an instant cure for mild
depression. It releases
endorphins into the
bloodstream, producing a
sense of euphoria and
leaving you with a feeling of
Sex is the safest tranquilizer
in the world. IT IS 10
Don't know how to use a condom? Go
online and learn! Then practice!
Please Visit:
Created By Justine Gerns
Champlain College
I did this board in october shooting for a Halloween theme. Cut out
candy shapes from construction paper and taped the candy to free
condoms from local plan parenthood. These candy condoms were
then taped over the sex facts so that when a condom is removed
by a student a fact is revealed.