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International cooperation
in the field of civil protection
− what is in it for the Barents Region?
Barents Rescue 2007 Seminar
Saariselkä, Ivalo, Finland
19 October 2007
Mr. Hannu Himanen
Under-Secretary of State
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
International cooperation
in civil protection and crisis management
 Barents Rescue 2007 Exercise as part of an international
effort to improve crisis management and civil protection
 comprehensive approach: combine civilian and military
 roles of the UN, international organisations, NATO, OSCE, EU
 Multinational Experiment (MNE): cooperation between civilian
and military authorities, NGO:s
 Shared Information Framework and Technology (SHIFT)
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
Role of the EU in crisis situations
 EU instrumentarium in crisis situations:
civil protection mechanism
humanitarian relief
specific instruments (e.g. rapid reaction mechanism)
civilian crisis management missions
 roles of Member States, Council and Commission
 Article 20 (amended) of the EEC Treaty
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
Finnish chairmanship
of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council 2005-2007
 overall objectives:
 stability, security and sustainable development through dialogue
and cooperation
 promotion of sectoral cooperation (economy, environment, health
and social affairs, youth, culture)
 Finnish Chairmanship ends with 11th Foreign Ministerial
Meeting (Rovaniemi 1415 November)
 BEAC Chairmanship taken over by Russia
 Regional Council Chair from Republic of Karelia (Russia) to
Province of Oulu (Finland)
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
The Barents Region: facts
6 million people
1,75 million sqkm
rich resources
harsh climatic
long distances
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
Barents cooperation structures
(estblished in 1993)
Barents Euro-Arctic Council
 Participants: Denmark, Finland,
Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, EU
 Observers: Canada, France, Germany,
Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, UK,
Barents Regional Council
 representatives of the Regional
Governors and their equivalents and
representatives of indigenous peoples
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
Rescue cooperation in the Barents Region
 need to enhance rescue cooperation:
harsh climatic conditions
geographic and demographic factors
risks related to nuclear and radiological sources
sensitive arctic ecology
climate change
 legal base for rescue cooperation:
 bilateral agreements between Barents partners (e.g. FinlandSweden,
 Memorandum of Understanding between regions of Lapland, Murmansk,
Norbotten, Finnmark, Troms and Nordland
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
Rescue cooperation (contd.)
 positive experience and good record of existing cooperation
 forest fires
 cross-border accidents
 negotiations underway on an agreement on emergency
prevention, preparedness and response (EPPR)
 latest round in Moscow in September
 a joint committee will be created
 rescue cooperation:
 previous exercises in Sweden 2001, Norway 2005
 Barents Rescue 2007 Exercise, part of Finnish Chairmanship programme
 future exercises include:
 Varandei oil-spill exercise 2008
 Barents Rescue 2009 Exercise
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
Preparedness arrangements
in the Finnish Government
 strategy for securing the vital functions of society (2005, 2006)
 the government crisis management arrangement
 operative responsibility always vested with the competent
 responsibility for coordination lies with the competent ministry
 when a crisis surpasses a ministry’s capacity, operative
management is taken over by the Government led by the
Prime Minister and assisted by
 heads of preparedness meeting
 Permanent Secretaries’ meeting
 a Cabinet Committee
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007
Role and responsibility of
the Finnish Foreign Ministry
 Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the compentent authority in
consular crises abroad
 Finnish diplomatic and consular missions abroad
 consular services at the Foreign Ministry
 duty officers 24/7
 overall contingency
 consular crises
 communications
 Consular Rapid Deployment teams
Hannu Himanen 19 October 2007