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The most common mental
health problem today.
Mental Illness
Is very common, even in young people
May have underlying physiological causes.
Often can be treated successfully.
Is found in all segments of society,
including the rich and famous.
Depression is referred to
The “common cold of
mental illness.”
Signs and symptoms:
Deep sadness/irritable mood.
isolation from family and /or friends.
Changes in appetite; significant weight
gain or loss; eating disorders.
Sleep problems - too much or too little.
Expressions of low self worth.
Lack of interest in activities that once
were pleasurable.
Difficulty concentrating.
4 out of one hundred teens get seriously
depressed each year.
It is believed to be a
combination of:
Brain chemistry
imbalances of mood-regulating brain
chemicals, including norepinephrine and
serotonin, are thought to play a strong
Antidepressant drugs
In severe cases - shock treatmemt