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17th Century Life
By: Jessica (most
amazing person ever)
Anderson & Anthony
Joseph Weyland IV
Indentured servants- Migrants sent to the colonies on a deal
pertaining to the cost of passage for years of work.
Headright System- If you pay for a laborers passage you
acquire fifty acres of land.
Royal African Company- An English colony which owned a
monopoly in slave trade from 1672-1698.
Middle Passage- The route that transferred Africans to the
colony as slaves.
New York Slave Revolt- Approximately 24 slaves revolted that
ended in the death of 9 whites and 21 participating blacks.
South Carolina Slave Revolt (Stono River)- Over fifty slaves
tried to flea to Florida but they were stopped by the states
Congregational Church- Self governing churches.
Jeremiad- Very heated sermons, started off in New England.
Leisler’s Rebellion- Merchants buck the wealthy colonist for
trying to recreate a European government in the new world.
William Berkeley- Created strong friendly ties with the Natives.
Nathaniel Bacon-Revolts and torches the capital.
Anthony Johnson- A slave that bought his freedom and owned
slaves himself.
Nathaniel Bacon
Anthony Johnson
Virginia and Maryland had a combined
population of 89,000 people that only 50%
made it to 20 years of age.
Disease ravaged the settlers family with a
child seldom knowing a grandparent or being
raised by the same two parents their entire
Women were scarce and males were
outnumbered sixty to every one female.
1.5 million pounds of tobacco was shipped
from the America’s each year in the 1630’s.
40 million pounds of tobacco was shipped
out each year by the end of the century.
To make up for inflation on the tobacco
product they produced more.
The inflation of tobacco caused a need for
indentured servants due to the high cost of
Virginia and Maryland support the headright
system to further along the institution of
indentured servants.
People didn’t
Know the danger
They were tired of being
zombified by the
Bacons Rebellion
Nathaniel Bacon a
twenty-nine year old
farmer was strongly
against the friendly
bonds with the natives.
He rose up against
William Berkley and
torched the capital.
Paintings of Bacons
Over 7 million slaves were taken to Africa on
boats through the middle passage.
Only about 400,000 ended up in North
America most slaves went to Spanish, and
Portuguese South America or the West
The Royal African Company had a monopoly
on slave trade.
Slaves were treated
like property not
They had a hard time growing rice and
Tobacco slaves had a less demanding work
therefore it was easier on them physically.
Native African Americans made their own
culture through dialect, folk tales, and songs.
A large amount of slaves were beaten and
conditions were very harsh
Due to the harsh treatment , work, and way
of life uprisings such as the New York Slave
revolt and the South Carolina Revolt that
took place along the stono river, occurred.
Planters were at the top of the social ladder.
70% of the families in VA legislature were
there before 1690.
Black slaves began to replace white
indentured servants by the end of the
A New England mother’s life is centered
around her children.
The governor of Massachusetts was one of
twenty – seven children
Their life expectancy was over triple of those
in the Chesapeake area.
Women married early and produced children
about every two years.
Many children met their grandparents.
Based on small villages and small scaled
Any town with a population higher than fifty
individuals had to provide an elementary
Somewhere around 50% of the population
could read and write.
Education was a large part in transferring
religious ideas.
Puritans ran their own Congregational
The society was based upon religious
Jeremiads began to spread throughout the
Puritan community.
A group of younger girls accused an older
women of bewitching them.
This resulted in the death of 20 women and
two dogs.
19 were hanged and 1 was pressed to death.
Women cooked, cleaned, made clothing and
tended to the children.
Men farmed and work on the outside of the
homes they took the more physically
straining work.
The aristocracy of the early settlers sparked
rebellions such as Leisler’s Rebellion.