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Rational numbers are numbers that
can be written as decimals or
Rational numbers include ALL
integers, fractions, and mixed
An integer is any number from the
set… continuing forever
Inequalities compare two different numbers
containing the symbols < or >
• The Absolute Value of a number is always
• Ex: The absolute value of 5 is 5
• Ex: The absolute value of -6 is 6
Repeating Decimals have a pattern in
their digits and repeat without end.
Bar Notation us used to indicate the digit
that is repeating.
Ex: 0.333….
Ex: -0.282828…
Ex: 60.7151515…
Place the number over the power of ten
Ex: 0.45 ______
Ex: 0.7 ______
Top in Bottom Out
Ex: ¾ = _______
Ex: 2/9 = ______
Percents & Decimals
Percent to Decimal… Move the decimal _______ times to the
Decimal to Percent…Move the decimal ________ times to the
Ex: 75% ___
Ex: 0.4 ___
Ex: 9% ___