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PHD Connector
To introduce the PHD disconnectable,
double-row, wire to board crimp style
PHD Connectors
Many applications require a disconnectable, double-row crimp style connector designed to
meet the demand for high-density and low-profile connections that offers engineers design
The PHD series wire-to board connectors, with a current rating 3A AC/DC with 22 AWG and
voltage rating of 250v AC/DC, are double-row 2.0mm (.079”) pitch, molded in a 94V0 Nylon
66 with an operating temperature range of -25C to +85 C. These low profile connectors
have a mounted height of only 5.0mm (.197”) in side-entry and with a width of 5.0mm
(.197”) in width in top-entry.
PHD Connectors
Disconnectable Crimp style contacts
Socket Contact
The PHD contacts are designed to accommodate a range of 22
to 28 AWG, are tin-plated over a phosphor bronze base
material. The box contact construction ensures stable
electrical contact and low contact resistance at all times even
when subjected to vibration and distortion.
PHD Housing
Available in even numbered sizes from 8 to 34 circuits, the
housings are 94V0 Nylon 66 and incorporate a friction lock
when mating with the PCB mounted headers.
PHD Headers
RoHS compliant, 94V0 Glass-filled, Nylon 66 through-hole polarized headers,
are available in side-entry (right angle) and top-entry (straight) mounting
configurations and are fully shrouded to prevent improper mating and the
intrusion of flux and other contaminants. The posts are a copper-undercoated
copper alloy with reflow tin-plating for maximum effectiveness for deterring
whisker growth.
The PHD connectors are engineering
& manufacturing friendly
Industry standard
applicator for the
PHD series
Standard Crimp
Applicator for the PHD
Insertion and extraction
tools for the PHD
Hand tools for the PHD
Applicators are available for semi-automatic and fully automatic termination equipment normally found in the
manufacturing environment as well as standard hand tools for engineering, lab and pre-production requirements.
The PHD series summary
The PHD crimp style double-row wire-to-board connector series is a highdensity, low-profile connector with unique features and benefits.
Compact size and pitch
RoHs compliant
Supported with termination tooling for all levels of prototype and full manufacturing
Double-row design available in 8 through 34 positions (even number sizes only).